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If you want your SuperYak pullover to keep warm and soft, please follow these instructions:

    Put your pullover to soak in lukewarm water and use just a little bit of detergent or shampoo. In case the pullover has stripes or bright colours, add a little bit of white vinegar.
    Leave your pullover to soak for a short time, 10-15 minutes maximum.
    Never rub it. Always handle with care.
    Patiently rinse your pullover with a lot of lukewarm water and more than once until water runs clear.
    Never wring. Eliminate water from your garment pressing it gently.
    Wrap it in a towel to eliminate excess water.
    Spread out your garment on a horizontal surface. Do not expose your garment to direct sunlight. Dry at room temperature and never put it on a radiator.
    Iron with powerful steam jet. Never press with iron.

A little suggestion: wash your SuperYak garment often, since in this way fibres will find new vigour and your garment will always look as new.



Even if we do suggest a dry cleaning finishing process, it is possible, with the necessary cares, to make a finishing water treatment also for Superyak products.

We want to point out that there are substantial differences between the results we will obtain with each type of treatment

    with the dry cleaning we will obtain a stiffer, closer and cooler product.
    with the water treatment we will obtain a more falling but softer product.

A treatment indication in a “DONINI” machine for 25/30 Kg. and about 400 litres of perchlorethylene

    Charge the perchlorethylene at room temperature and make the garments turn for 1-6 minutes.
    Discharge the solvent and let the garments turn without perchloroethylene for 5-8 minutes, according to the kind of stitch and the result you want to obtain
    At the end of the treatment, centrifuge and dry.
    We suggest to keep the perchlorethylene temperature under control, since a slight temperature variation of few grades can influence the final result.
    Keep attention to changes of the room temperature due to the changing of the seasons. Few grades are enough to get a different result.
    We remind you that the dry-cleaning does not eliminate the characteristic odour of theSUPERYAK which has not been boiled off before. To avoid this problem we suggest you to use boiled off or dyed yarn.
    Continue the finishing procedure with a water treatment.

A treatment indication in a “Lavenda” machine for 4/5 Kgs. and about 125 litres of water.

    We recommend to make a pre-wash cycle at water temperature 30°C and with 3 gr. of soap per litre of water for about 2 minutes.
    Empty the bath and repeat with water at 30° C adding 3 gr. of soap per litre of water, for 2 - 4 minutes, according to the kind of stitch, thickness and colour of the garments.
    At the end of treatment rinse the knitted goods and cool slowly at 30°C. Avoid excessive hydro-extraction and accelerated drying which can cause creases.
    Tumble dry at maximum 75°C for 15-20 minutes, then cold tumble for 3-5 minutes.

Further suggestions:

    Bath ratio must be 1:25 to 1:30, i.e. 25/30 litres of water per kilo of goods.
    If water hardness is more than 7/8 degrees., we recommend using a water softener.
    We recommend to always make the treatment on the reverse side of the garment.
    Water must enter the machine at or near working temperature; do not warm up water in the machine when the garments are inside.
    We recommend to always wash the garments on the reverse.
    We do not suggest the use of any additive or softener.
    Water treatment made of 100%SUPERYAK yarn can cause an undesired colour variation, that is why we recommend to carefully check the effective solution temperature. In any case it is suggested to test every colour before starting with water finishing procedure.
    Water treatment is not suggested for striped or bright coloured garments.
    A preventive dry-cleaning is necessary for all the light shades and spotted garments.

We kindly remind You that this “treatment advice” is simply an indication. If You wash the garments in a different type of machine, You should consider that the mechanical action could be very different and in this case You should carefully carry out some tests, keeping the indicated temperature and bath ratio and changing only the time.