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The washing of a Silk item should be entrusted to a confidential laundry for dry-cleaning, but with the necessary cares it may be washed also by hand.

    Put your pullover to soak in lukewarm water and use just a little bit of detergent or shampoo. In case the pullover has stripes or bright colours, add a little bit of white vinegar.
    Leave your pullover to soak for a short time, 10-15 minutes maximum.
    Never rub it. Always handle with care.
    Patiently rinse your pullover with a lot of lukewarm water and more than once until water runs clear.
    Never wring. Eliminate water from your garment pressing it gently.
    Wrap it in a towel to eliminate excess water.
    Avoid any bleaching with the chlorine. If bleaching is necessary add some drops of white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.
    To avoid the forming of creases, that are often irreversible, do not leave the wet or humid garment in a not spread out position for a long time.
    Spread out your garment on a horizontal surface. Do not expose your garment to direct sunlight.
    Dry at room temperature and never put it on a radiator.
    Dry-cleaning is suggested especially for striped, bright-coloured or spotted garments.
    Dampen the garment putting it between two dampened clothes before ironing as the steam iron may damage the garment. Besides we suggest to iron the SILK garments on the reverse.

A little suggestion: wash your Silk garment often, since in this way fibres will find new vigour and your garment will always look as new.