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Wool Merino

The merino modern derived from a race bred in Spain in the twelfth century. Spain itself, by law, he has retained the exclusive until the seventeenth century.

The first country to which Spain granted the merino sheep, in the early eighteenth century, it was France, apparently following a donation from their respective sovereigns.

The merino wool is the fiber that is obtained from merino sheep. Each specimen can produce up to 10 kg of very fine wool.

It is estimated that nearly half of the world production of merino wool comes from Australia.

New Zealand is the country with the largest number of merino sheep in relation to population: there are seventy million, compared to three million and a half inhabitants.

Today it is present in various parts of the world and it is estimated that almost half of the existing sheep belong to the merino breed.

This type of wool is particularly sought after because of its subtlety, dependent on the fact that the hair of a merino sheep is thinner than the hair of a sheep common. Generally, a hair with a diameter of 20 microns or less comes from a merino sheep.

This particular characteristic, added to the other common quality wool, make it a very valuable fiber, ideal for certain packages of clothing, especially men's clothes. A dress merino fact is resistant to wear and fold like a wool suit common, but unlike this, being lighter, it can also be worn in warmer seasons.

The fabric said familiarly cool wool or even "wool four-seasons" is generally made with merino wool.

Australian wool is assembled in bales and sold in traditional public auctions, attended by buyers from around the world. The bales best, that is, with the finest wool, are traditionally purchased from Italian wool mills.

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