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Alicja is a teacher par excellence.

As president of the Association "Free to create”, she teaches many techniques: knitting, crochet, macramé and lots more.

In the world of creativity, she is best known as the author of many handbooks on tatting.

Alicja has created and personally commented for you the video-tutorial that you can receive for FREE by signing up below; simply fill out the form with your name (no need for the surname) and your email address.

Every week you'll get a video with a lesson that will cover the following topics:

Lesson 1: What you need
Lesson 2: Two knitting methods
Lesson 3: How to cast on
Lesson 4: Knit Stitch / Garter Stitch
Lesson 5: Purl Stitch / Garter Stitch
Lesson 6: Stocking Stitch
Lesson 7: Ribbing Knit 1 Purl 1
Lesson 8: Ribbing Knit 2 Purl 2
Lesson 9: Moss Stitch
Lesson 10: How to undo your work and pick up stitches
Lesson 11: How to cast off

There are several ways to hold the needles and even more types of knitting stitches.

We offer a video-course on the Circular Needle technique that is definitely more versatil style.

By subscribing to this course you will receive lots of information and lots of material. You'll have access to many video-tutorials on knitting and crochet, information on yarns, tips and ideas on how to go about realising your project, and even free patterns.

For whom is this course:

The course is catered for both beginners, who want to learn to knit, and for people who already know how to knit with the Circular Needle. These could in fact experience some difficulty, because it is not always easy to accept to become a “beginner" again.

However, according to us, it is worth to overcome this small inconvenience and handle the frustration for a short while; soon you will become a true expert.

Why is it worth it? You will see in lessons 2 and 3.

But this course is also suitable for the more experienced knitters who are longtime users of the Circular Needle technique, as it contains the methods, techniques, tips and tricks that you might not yet not know or, even if known to you, might be applied to achieve better results and broader challenges, easing things out for you.

By following the video course you will learn the basics of the Circular Needle technique that you can subsequently develop and improve. The learning process is neither long nor particularly demanding. Simply exercise well, without hurry, and make sure not to miss a single lesson.

If you switch to the next lesson only after having well mastered the material presented in the previous one, success is guaranteed!

How much it costs or how much would it cost:

The value of this course is of at least EUR 160.00; it is the same course that you would take in a store or in a workshop.

We’ve decided to distribute it free of charge to help those who are interested in approaching this hobby, and those who want to make this into a profession, to learn the basics to get started.

By downloading the FREE knitting course you will be subscribing to our FREE newsletter, from which you will receive, always FREE, different patterns, videos of knitting and crochet lessons, tips on washing and processing of precious fibers, information about our yarns, promotions underway, suggestions and ideas to carry out your work, and much more.

Download FREE the “Knitting Course by Alicja Kwartnik" nominal value of 160,00 euro, with video-lessons of the Continental Technique.

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