The course that I presented on several occasions at our Wool Space andvarious offline and online events

Want to learn to recognize the yarn?
Want to learn how to choose the yarn is best for your work?

i'm Scatizzi Federico, owner of the company and the brand Hircus Filati, I offer you the chance to download FREE this course based on the yarns.

Give me one minute of your time and keep reading, I'll explain exactly what this course is about yarns.


The main textile fibers (plant and animal)
Classification of yarns
Features of the yarns
Titling yarn (thickness)
The various types of twisting
The Fulling and washing
Maintenance of yarns and knitted or crocheted

The choice of the right yarn is the basis for the success of your project, that it is done by hand, to the irons or all'uncinettto, or that it is made in the knitting machine.

In order to choose the right yarn, however, must be able to recognize the type of fiber, the title, the type of twisting, you must know the footage, and to make the most of your project you have to know how to clean it and keep it in time.

How is the course?

You will receive FREE a PDF file of 27 pages, containing all the basic information you need to recognize the yarn (fiber type, finesse, quality, length, etc.).

I suggest you read through the material even more than once.

You can download the file even on Tablet, Smartphone, Ipad and Iphone.

Who can participate:

- Anyone with even a little experience knitting and crochet grilled but with little experience on yarns, on recognizing the fibers, the thinness, the various types of twisting

- Anyone who wants to start knitting needle and / or crochet

- Those who work with knitting machine and has little experience in yarns

The course is suitable for anyone with the hobby or passion for knitting, but is also suitable for those who have made this hobby or passion their work part-time and / or full time.

And suitable for anyone who has ideas for yarns and to those who have a basic knowledge of yarns, but also to those who have in-depth knowledge.

Why attend (course objectives):

- To acquire the ability to recognize the yarns according to the nature, to the title and to their technical characteristics and technological fundamentals
- Understand the principles that underlie the techniques of spinning
- To acquire the concept of thinness
- Tips and explanations for washing and maintenance of yarns and knitted or crocheted

At the end of the course you will be able to recognize the yarns title (thickness), fiberlength, type of twisting and number of needles and crochet and you will be able to choose the most suitable yarn to make your knitting grilled, crochet and knitting machine.

I put at your disposal more than 30 years of experience in the work of the merchants of textile fibers and yarns manufacturer and trader for the industry and for the knitting. Teaching you in a few hours what I have learned through years of work and experimentation.

My goal is to give you such information, you will look yarns with different eyes, even more technical, natural yarns (made from animal and vegetable fibers), the next time you enter in a store or on a yarns website. And you will be able to choose more carefully the yarn best achieved by the head or accessory you have in the project.

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