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FAQ - Common Questions
Do you sell to private customers?
Anyone can buy on this website, even and especially private customers.
Are the yarns in stock lot?
All the yarns you can find on this website are in stock lot, ...
Yarns are to be treated/washed?
Yes, our yarns come from stock from knitting mills and rods and are all to be washed/treated before or after processing
How to buy on our website?
We have created a tutorial to show you how to browse and buy on our website. Watch it by clicking here.
How to register and how to reset your password?
In this video you will be able to see how to reset your account password
How to Calculate Shipping Costs?
In order to see how to calculate shipping costs ...
Can i pay by Credit Card?
I state that you can pay with all the cards of the Visa and Mastercard circuits, also prepaid.
Do I have to take a sample before I process the yarn?
Yes, it is essential to take a sample before processing the yarn, whether you have washed it before or decide to wash it after processing.
How do you determine the thickness of a yarn?
The thickness of the yarns (in jargon called "count") is calculated by measuring the meters contained in 1 kg of yarn.
How much yarn do I need to knit?
Our Alicja Kwartnik has created a small course in three lessons, giving us a lot of guidance and helping us to calculate the best possible quantity
If I buy two cones of the same color, are they from the same lots?
To buy two cones of the same color and the same lot you have to insert 2 in the quantity to add to the cart, if the quantity is not available.
Can I get free shipping costs?
If you buy from EU Countries you can have free shipping on orders over 299,00 euro. Shipping is FREE only for EU Countries.
Have you a Coupon Code?
If you have a Coupon Code, you must insert it in the form in the shopping cart page and you must click on "Apply Discount Code".
Can I change my email address?
NO. You cannot change email address ...
Deliveries of orders from the Couriers:
When you place an order on our website, first of all make sure that address and phone number are complete and correct, ...
Can I request delivery at predefined times?
You can choose one of the available shipping methods, by DHL carrier.
Can I get the tracking code for my package?
The tracking code is sent by email on the day of shipment, for all types of shipments except those made with DPD for which the tracking code can be obtained the following day.
Why are the labels in the cones sometimes not the original labels?
Our customers can buy on our website cones of 500 gr, we offer this possibility to our customers because for many people buying 1 kg ...
Is it possible to have smaller cones?
We can divide each cones into two, three or four smaller cones. ...
Can I send a product to my friend?
Yes, please see this picture!
The photos of products are real?
The photographs taken for the products shown on our site were taken with light at 5500°k ...
How to clear your browser cache and why
Sometimes it may happen that some pages of the website do not open, ...
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