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Federico Scatizzi - Hircus filati

Hi, my name is Federico Scatizzi, I’ve been working for more than 30 years in textile and clothings sector. I am glad to choose for you the best quality fine yarns to work with needle, crochet and knitting machine.

Hircus Filati and the Yarns.

Hircus Filati, last heir of the Art of Cashmere in Tuscany, has its headquarters in the historic Lawn.

Hircus Filati is specialized in fine yarns for machine knitting and hand knitting from better italian spinning mills. We have a wide range of fine yarns, cashmere, camel, alpaca, yak, linen. Fine yarns, and twisted fantasy, only the best quality Made in Italy.

Hircus Filati sells yarn Cashmere, Yak, Camel, Alpaca and Merino Wool too, produced from the best Italian spinning mills, high quality, competitive price, to offer a product entirely made in Italy directly from producer to consumer. We buy all our yarns in stock lot, from knitting mills and auctions, so we can sell all products at very good prices, sometimes lower than the producers' own prices.

The yarns we buy are in small lots, and small quantities for each color, and each time the articles and colors change. It is very difficult to have the same yarn in the same color twice. For this we can offer yarns better quality at very good prices.

The various products are always available in stock lot, in small quantities and many shades of colors. The yarns can be purchased in the QUANTITY DESIRED WEIGHT WITHOUT LIMITATION, are available in cones and must be washed before or after working.

Hircus Filati and the Cashmere.

For many years Hircus Filati has been offering to our customers the opportunity to purchase fine 100% Italian cashmere yarn online in stock lot at very good prices.

Our yarns must be washed / treated before or after processing. It is gentle enough to take off the residual industrial oil which remains on the yarn for spinning but light enough to preserve the cashmere fiber.


Federico Scatizzi

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Since we are dealing with yarns in stock, it is essential to make a small sample before proceeding with the final processing.
Check the first stitches and in case of irregularities immediately interrupt the work and contact our technical office.