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Our Cashmere yarn come from some the best Italian spinning mills, items are usually in small quantities and in constant change. You can find a color today and tomorrow to find another one different in its place, for this reason we can not provide color cards for our cashmere yarn in stock.

For this reason we can provide italian Better Quality Cashmere at Lowest Price


WARNING: Yarns Cashmere on cones must be washed, follow our advice for simple process of washing by clicking here

We send photos via email of new colors every time we fall a new stock of yarn, if you want to receive them, click here and fill the form.

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Cashmere Machine Stock Lot

Cashmere Machine Stock Lot


2 Item(s)

  1. Col. Cream - Panna Col. Cream - Panna

    Yarn 2/28 100% Cashmere color cream cones 530 gr

    100% Cashmere Nm. 2/28 Knitting machine 12 Knitting machine 7-8 double thread Cones 530 gr

    Regular Price: €74.20

    Special Price €63.60

  2. Yarn 2/27 100% Cashmere for machine 12 color ice field cones 580 gr

    100% Cashmere Nm. 2/27 Knitting Machine 12 Knitting machine 7-8 double thread Cones 580 gr


2 Item(s)