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100% Cashmere yarn for Machine Knitting 12 in Stock Lot, and for Machine Knitting 7-8 at double thread

Nm. 2/27 and Nm. 2/28


WARNING: Yarns Cashmere on cones must be washed, follow our advice for simple process of washing by clicking here

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Knitting Machine 12 and 7 double


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  1. Col. Turtledove - Tortora Col. Turtledove - Tortora

    Yarn 2/28 100% Cashmere for machine 12 color turtledove cones 520 gr

    100% Cashmere Nm. 2/28 Knitting Machine 12 Knitting machine 7-8 double thread Cones 520 gr -

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    Special Price €62.40


1 Item(s)