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In this section you will find Cashmere yarn in Stock for HAND KNITTING (Needle and Crochet).
Our Cashmere yarn come from the best Italian spinning mills, items are usually in small quantities and in continuous change.
  Here you can see all the items available in stock.


WARNING: Yarns Cashmere on cones must be washed, follow our advice for simple process of washing by clicking here

Click on the photo or article title that interests you to see the weight of the rock, the number of rows to use and full description.

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Cashmere Hand Stock Lot


2 Item(s)

  1. 100% cashmere 2800 color brown cone 380 gr

    100% cashmere Nm. 2800 Needle 5-6 Crochet 5-6 Knitting machine 3 Cone 380 gr - 1060 mt
  2. 100% Cashmere 2800 brainded color bruciante cone 500 gr

    100% Cashmere Nm. 2800 brainded Needle 5-6 Crochet 5-6 Cone 500 gr - 1400 mt


2 Item(s)