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Worsted cashmere yarn in stock lot for knitting machine

HAND PROCESSING: The worsted yarns are very fine, to be worked by hand should be put at least 4 threads, I recommend the handwork only to those who have a lot of experience.

Read by clicking here "How to Wash/Treat the Finished Fabrics with Fine Combed Yarns"

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Cashmere Worsted


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  1. Col. Dark Grey - Grigio Scuro Col. Dark Grey - Grigio Scuro

    100% Cashmere 2/46 color dark grey cones 500 gr

    100% Cashmere Nm. 2/46 Knitting machine 16 Knitting machine 12 double thread Cones 500 gr

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    Special Price €48.80


1 Item(s)